Protection 1 provided a unique design challenge in their exhibit space and conference room for ASIS 2014—how does a security company capture the grace and artistry with which they handle their client relationships? In addition to being highly functional, the client wanted the space to convey a sense of movement and wonder.

Ta-da: in swoops a high-flying acrobatic performer every hour, on the hour. This 20’ x 40’ exhibit centers on the death-defying performer. It also features four kiosk stations custom-designed to demonstrate Protection 1’s full capabilities, as well as bar-top seating to watch the acrobat perform. A conference room space was tailored to facilitate conversation and features a reception area, two meeting spaces, double-sided demonstration kiosks, catering area, and café and lounge seating for guests.

Photography: Padgett and Company Inc. and Aric Furfaro